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Important Dates

Dates given for specific events in the Amazon Nation are approximate and may be corrected by new data. All other dates are also approximate but have been constrained by more recent archaeological data as well as ancient documentation.

BCE = Before Common Era (more neutral term for 'BC')
CE = Common Era (more neutral term for 'AD')

7000 BCE : End of first Libyan Amazon Nation, Neolithic begins in Greece and Çatal Hüyük.

5600 BCE : Neolithic ends in Çatal Hüyük.

3300 BCE : Beginning of Harappan culture of the Indus Valley.

3100 BCE : First Dynasty of Unified Egypt begins, instigating a Libyan migration to Krete and points east and west.

3000 BCE : Beginning of second Libyan Amazon Nation, the Anatolian Bronze Age, the Greek Cycladic civilization of Krete and Mykenae, and the Hatti period of East and Central Anatolia. End of the Greek Neolithic.

2800 BCE : Harappan culture of Indus Valley ends.

2500 BCE : Beginning of Troy II, a particularly rich period for the city.

2300 BCE : Harappan culture of Indus Valley begins.

2280 BCE : End of the 1st Dynasty of Unified Egypt.

2200 BCE : Troy II period ends.

2010 BCE : Approximate date of renewed eruptions from the remains of Tritonia, marking the islands with their most recent mountains and craters.

2000 BCE : Anatolian Bronze Age ends, Harappan culture falls due to unclear reasons that may include climate change and invasion, causing a migration of Indian Amazons.

1750 BCE : Hittites invade and take over the land of the Hatti.

1600 BCE : Northern Amazon Nation established on shores of the Black Sea.

1300 BCE : Second Libyan Amazon Nation ends.

1200 BCE : Hittite control of the land of the Hatti ends. Troy VIII falls to the Greeks.

1100 BCE : Dorian invasion of Greece, causing economic collapse and loss of centralized authority, ending the Cycladic civilization.

0950 BCE : First Doric Raid turned back by Queen Andromache, Dorian invasion of Greece ends.

0900 BCE : Second Doric Raid, death of Queen Hippolyta.

0800 BCE : Athens established, officially by 'King Theseus,' Greek Archaic Age begins.

0795 BCE : Third Doric Raid, turned back by Queen Androdameia.

0780 BCE : Attic War led by Oritheia.

0600 BCE : Northern Amazon Nation ceases to have political influence, Amazon migration west begins.

0546 BCE : Persian Wars begin.

0480 BCE : End of the Archaic Age and the Persian Wars.

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