1. A Gathering At the Drum
  2. Dance With Power
  3. Turtle Island Agriculture
  4. Indigenous Languages, Focus "British Columbia"
  5. The Aboriginal Peoples' Television Network
  6. Indigenous Nations and Census Taking
  7. Indigenous Scholars, Focus Olive P. Dickason
  8. Indigenous Military Service in Canada
  9. Aisinai'pi "It Has Been Written"
  10. Bannock, Anyone?
  11. Electric Oil
  12. "A Strict Law Bids Us Dance"
  13. Protecting Tsuu'xiit
  14. Is It Regalia, Or Is It A Costume?
  15. The Sámi
  16. Tagging the Inuit
  17. Tell Me A Story
  18. Tēnā kōrua
  19. The First Plant: Sweetgrass
  20. "Those Were the Dog Days..."
  21. The Tragedy of Duncan Campbell Scott
  22. Yahgu dang ang: To Pay Respect
  23. Indigenous Poets
  24. Both Cowboys and Indians
  25. Home Sweet Home
  26. The (Re)introduction of the Horse
  27. Indian Blankets
  28. The White Buffalo Calf
  29. You Say Bison, I Say Buffalo
  30. Reserved
  31. Mapping Inuit Nunangat
  32. Elements of Indigenous Style: An Annotated Reading
  33. Colonialism, Classics, and Cultural Compliments
  34. The Name Game
  35. "Modern Treaties" in the Canadian Settler State
  36. Wampum Is Not Money
  37. Codetalking
  38. Take One Cup of History, Add a Pinch of Aliens...
  39. Errors of Commission
  40. Irreconcilable
  41. Boundary Crossing Medicine
  42. Keeping Memory
  43. Indigenous Democracy