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Where some ideas are stranger than others...


The Moonspeaker:
Where Some Ideas Are Stranger Than Others...


This is an experiment.

You will not be told this until after it has been completed.

In order to maintain objectivity, and find the most accurate results, of course.

Everyone knows that this is the way experiments work.

Preparation for the experiment will be hidden behind a party atmosphere.

Mostly effective this method has proven, so says Yoda.

Relaxation is greatest in such venues.

Without relaxation, the experiment will be jeopardized.

For your enjoyment, the space cadet should be present,

Plus the bohunk, the traditional woman, and the biker too clean cut to be a member of a gang.

Take care of the katana master please, his liver will not tolerate stress, although his hands might.

The space cadet may be a touch annoying.

Sorry, there was no way to get anyone else on such short notice.

There must be a contradiction here, but by no means can we find it.

This is an experiment.

Later it will be wilfully forgotten to your face by the scientist who conducts it.

The scientist will also deny their scientist status.

It doesn't matter if you show any evidence of the experiment to them, or the individual who records the data.

Your feelings don't matter.

This is science.

This is an experiment.

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