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The Moonspeaker:
Where Some Ideas Are Stranger Than Others...

Something Saturday

"Let's do something Saturday...

before the coffee shop stop."

My brain ticked over,

Luckily, my mouth knew what

it was doing.

"Sure, that sounds great.

What do you have in mind, lined

up, err, whatever..."

Darn brain caught up with my mouth.

"That movie we were talking about.

Otherwise I know, know

you. You'll never see it."

Damn... was I that transparent already?

"Sure, that'd be fabulous, marvelous,

groovy, that sort of thing."

That made her laugh.

She laughs at all my awful puns,

silly jokes, and minor rambles.

I mean, she actually gets them all.

That has never happened before.

Here, let me tell you how we met...

See, I was performing in a drag show,

And she was sitting in the sparse

crowd, precisely in line with the

centre of the stage,

wearing a pink corset.

The whole time up there,

my two fixed stare spots were her,

and this stupid spotlight I couldn't

focus on, even if I had wanted to.

I don't wear my glasses on stage.

After the show, I went and sat with her.

"I should give you my number."


I burbled, my suave charm temporarily

short circuited.

At least, I hope it was only temporary.

At the movie, besides silly comments,

I took care to make fun of the

people with highfalutin' names.

Must have driven the people around us nuts.

After the movie, on the way home,

passing by a gravel mining operation,

what pops out of my mouth but,

"Betcha that used to be an esker... or...

maybe maybe glacial till, in the hill..."

I wasn't trying to be funny, actually.

"That's so you." she laughed,

with a wry, amused

note in her voice.

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