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Where some ideas are stranger than others...


The Moonspeaker:
Where Some Ideas Are Stranger Than Others...


This is who I would like —
No, this is who I must have. Let's be honest.

A woman who is interested — deeply so.
Who loves philosophical conversations —
Oddball trivia, the mental equivalent of bright shiny objects —
Who reads what I write and says things like:

I'm not sure I understand
but when I read this it makes me think
how the gifts we give and
the gifts we gave, once given
could be different things to the receiver —
and that could be okay.


At first glance
I didn't see you
in what you wrote here.
Then I realized —
   I haven't really seen you yet!

A woman who knows that we bring who we are
to what we read
to a relationship.

And that we give away a little of ourselves
to write
to relate deeply.

I'd make a life with a woman like that.

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