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This section lists the information for the references used to build the material for this website that are ordinarily electronically accessible. The reference format followed here and on the Resources page is the American Anthropological Association format as laid out in the 2009 edition of AAA Style Guide.

Electronic sources for the pictures used in the Four Times Métis Song are provided below. Expo 67 Postcards {Expo 67 Canada Pavillion}

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Crazy Bitches R Us (January 6, 2010) {Olive Patricia Dickason}

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FutuLab {The Great White North, SCTV}

Historical Perspectives On Canadian Publishing: Maria Campbell's Halfbreed {Cover Of Halfbreed}

Library And Archives Canada: Canadian Genealogy Centre {Métis Prisoners}
Archived Version from the Internet Archive, which still includes the photograph.

Manitoba Historical Society: Métis Lands In Manitoba {Métis House}

Mysteries Of Canada: The British North America Act {Snooty British Guys In A Room}

Native Leaders Of Canada: Harry Daniels, Métis, 1904-2004 {Picture Of Harry Daniels}

Naturally {Purple Itching Picture}

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The Canadian Design Resource: Centennial {Centennial Indian Head Medal}

The Wax {Goldbond Rider} {Métis Flags}


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