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TURTLE ISLAND at the Moonspeaker

'Turtle Island' is an english translation of one of the many Indigenous names for the continent currently labelled 'North America' in most atlases. Being a Métis writer I've found myself with opportunities to write short pieces on Indigenous history, culture, and interests. In effect, they're little polaroid snapshots of what I knew and thought about the issue at the time it was written, which is why they are listed under the heading 'Contested Documents' – chances are they'll all need some sort of follow up at one time or another. 'Living Memory' is a bit different, in that it presents some of my research on Métis history in North America. It's memory and living because, the pieces there are present works in progress.

Contested Documents

Living Memory

By Alexiares:

Awesome Gear By Other Indigenous Folks:

Other Important Sources:

  • Theory and Event Special Issue "On Colonial Unknowing," Volume 19, Issue 4, 2016. This issue, edited by Alyosha Goldstein, Juliana Hu Pegues, and Manu Vimalassery is free access for the general public and an incredible collection of searing papers.
  • Louis Riel Collection, scanned papers and notebooks written by Louis Riel and now officially owned by the university of calgary. The Métis Heritage Centre which will be opening in Manitoba is trying to negotiate a lending agreement.
  • Sakitawak Conservation IPCA, where "IPCA" is the acronym for "Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas." The Île-à-la-Crosse Métis are leading this project, and this site includes an excellent overview of the community's deep history and connections to trade networks from long before the arrival of europeans.
  • The Pass System, an investigative documentary produced by Alex Williams in collaboration with Elders, community knowledge keepers, and historians. Released in 2015, it reconstructs the history of the thoroughly illegal pass system used to keep status Indians imprisoned on reserves between 1885 and 1941.
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