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This section includes two types of fiction: original fiction and X:WP fan fiction. The original fiction is primarily fantasy or science fiction set in the near or just sideways future. The X:WP fan fiction is of the kind where 'subtext' is maintext, and for the most part completely ignores the majority of what happened in the program after season 2, when apparently the program's owners and producers decided they had let the fans have too much control. Evidently, I don't profit monetarily by any of the fan fiction and the characters original to X:WP don't belong to me. In any case, it is unlikely there will be any additional entries in the X:WP sections.

In terms of organization, original fiction is listed first and divided into the categories of short stories, long stories, and novels. X:WP fan fiction is next, also divided into story categories by length. Titles with a bullet beside them (•) are finished, while those with a star (*) beside them are not. And of course, you don't need to scroll all the way down the page to get to each category; shortcut links are provided in the right hand sidebar.


• The Smith and the Cuckoo

A fairy tale, about the good smith Develas, a magical wrought iron cuckoo, a mysterious woman in green livery, and a great change in fortune.

• If

There are those who feel that most librarians must have dull lives. Of course, that's far too broad a generalization. After all, that could only be true if all librarians never travelled, and if they never tried to remodel their basements, and if they weren't responsible enough citizens to hurry to the local town hall when they found buried tombstones in their basement. A good deal of iffing.

• Walking

An English teacher who read this story asked me irritably, 'How old is this person? What is their gender? Why are they wandering around?' But the real question is, do you really need to know?

• The Woman on the Train

The woman on the train is doing the best she can to remind a powerful business man of something. However, she can only do so within strict limits, limits similar to those the business man has created for himself, for his employees, and his family.

• The Red Frisbee

People tell me that they really like this story, which is ironic, because I'm not quite sure that I do. It's all about a hapless bartending beach bum, and a visitor to her island who has some rather creative takes on the concept of the pick up line. More along the lines of a knock down line, really.


• How to Celebrate Solstice in the Appropriate Manor

This is actually a somewhat traditional uber-Xena piece, where the main characters bear a strong resemblance to the main denizens of the television show. In the context of the story, they've had some recent tough times, so Solstice is more poignant for them than usual. And thanks to one of my favourite types of characters, the eccentric relative, in this case an aunt, a rather magical one.

• All Offers Considered

Literally years ago, the Royal Academy of Bards posted a story challenge with an intriguing premise: each participant had to write a story based around the results of a personal ad. Several ads were provided for the participants to choose from. Real life being what it is, I lost track of the challenge, and finally wandered back to see the results the other day, only to discover the most interesting personal ad had no posted stories. So here, belatedly, is one.

* Declared Surplus

In the course of reading a book of biographical sketches by way of procrastination, I found a description of "surplus people" that struck me as exceedingly odd. After all, the very idea is the sort of nonsense that should make whoever first came up with it swear off excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine and go to bed to mend their lack of sleep. Still, I couldn't help thinking about it, and considering how this idea has actually and horribly applied in the world, which of course, led to a story.

* The Place Between

A story set in the universe of the Amazon Nation, which should serve as an introduction to the curious time and geography of the place for the uninitiated. The Place Between is where the Changing Ones go, the Amazons who are called on to put wrinkled things right.


• Omega's Folly

The story begins with an unfair eviction and an inheritance from an eccentric relative. A world war of a surprisingly non-Armageddon like kind has finished not too many years before. What follows is a journey to a new life, really without the main character quite noticing it.

* Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup takes up the continuing story (and previous story) of Benton Basilas as she adjusts to her new surroundings and a new culture. Of course things aren't perfect, much to everyone's relief as otherwise they would all have to behave – and some nagging questions keep popping up and demanding answers.


• It All Began With a Trout

A look at Xena and Gabrielle, from an outsider who isn't carrying a 747 worth of baggage. Weaponmaster Thraso has a quicker mind and wit than most would expect, and some difficulty walking in a straight line without tripping. The journey to her home village leads to some surprising results, and a rousing game of 'Slap Your Neighbour.'

• And It Continued With a Skunk

Thraso is as hapless as ever, this time travelling with her girlfriend Eumache to Arboria on a diplomatic mission. The little party soon picks up not only Xena and Gabrielle, but also Cyrene with her supply of pastries and mischief. No meeting between Thraso and Xena can be an ordinary one, and revelations and mayhem are the result.

• The Interview, Metaphorically Speaking

A rather world worn bard who has had a rough encounter with Xena when she was still quite antisocial, interviews the infamous/famous warrior.

• A Piece of My Soul

This story is a bit of an anomaly in my version of the Xenaverse. I don't care for the Dahok storyline or the whole Eli thing – but this popped into my mind as an explanation for Gabrielle's behaviour in the official Xenaverse. And then it wouldn't go away until I wrote it down.

• Deeper Waters Than Most Think

Like many fanfic authors, I've always found Eponin very interesting, probably because RenPics never did get around to building up her character, apparently because the woman who played her disappeared from the acting industry after playing the role. This story gives a bit of a life story of Eponin, and explains a few details from other stories, although you don't have to read them to understand what's happening in this one.

• Beware Any Who Would See Here

When you've had a tough time in life, the desire for assurance that everything will work out perfectly in the face of uncertainty can be irresistable. As Kallisto discovers, the trouble with getting to see your possible future is that it can poison your life today.

• A Little Fable

A story tending to get sillier and sillier or weirder and weirder, possibly by turns. Thinking back, I wonder if I had a fever or too much caffeine when I wrote this one.

• Heart Burn

A much grimmer piece, looking into the origins of Kallisto. Even though I actually dislike Kallisto I needed to sort out what was going on with her, at least in terms of my version of the Xenaverse.

• Facing Reality

This is actually my swan song in the world of X:WP fan fiction. I won't be writing anymore fanfic, so I decided to tie up some of the loose ends of my Xenaverse that people had asked me about, such as joining ceremonies and family members and the rest.


• A Centaur's Tail

Life is never dull for the weaponmasters of Ankitheas. Dealing with Eumache's pregnancy and struggling with home improvement projects has Thraso's hands full, a situation Artemis can relate to. An unfortunate argument with Cyrene has led to the home improvement project of all improvement projects in Amphipolis, and their own joining arrangements besides.

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